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Web Design

Let’s face it, we spend more time on the Internet than we do in bed.

With this reality in mind, we approach every web design we create with a sense of purpose and attention to detail. Our web design process starts with an idea for our client’s company and ends with a complete site that will serve their needs and goals. Our goal is to help our clients build an online presence that will increase their customer base, grow their business, and achieve their marketing goals.

Web Design is an art.

We specialize in web design because we love the challenges it presents.  Web design is a special mix of the artistic with the technical.   No where else do you need to combine the elements of Traditional Page layout like in a magazine ad with the User Interface Design that you might find on a product like a microwave.

Every website is a new opportunity to guide the visitor through the page and have them interact with your content in a productive way.

When we approach the design of your site, we start with an extensive conversation to determine a look-and-feel for your site.

Minimal or Modern:
Pick Your Web Design Flavor and Tell Your Story Like a Pro!

Do you want a Minimalist design?  Minimalist designs use large boxy images, lots of white space and tell their story without a ton of bells and whistles.  Here are some minimalist sites we love:  UDO, Tinker Watches, Stich Creative.

Or perhaps a Modern / Contemporary design?  Modern designs tend to have aspects of Minimalism but be more dynamic.  Frequently they have a large hero image that might have a non-linear border (think: wavy or slanted), images that may or may not be boxy, more creative text layouts, prominent Call-To-Actions, and possibly animation as well.  Here are some modern sites we love:  eWedding, MailChimp, and Charity: water.

Good web design tells an impactful engaging story, no matter if it is an ecommerce site or an event site or a website for your small business.  We are storytellers and you have a story to tell.


Unlike traditional designers though, we have an advantage:
We know the technical side of the web design too.

By using a current design sensibility and the best tools available, we can deliver a web design that engages your customers.

We are ready to design your:

  • Life Coaching site
  • e-Commerce website
  • Small business site
  • Restaurant site
  • Blog website
  • Portfolio site
  • Landing page
  • and many more.

Please check out our Portfolio on how we can design a website to fit your business.


In line with this thinking, we consider each web design project with a clear purpose and careful emphasis. Our web design journey begins with conceptualizing an idea that aligns with our client’s concept and leads to a comprehensive site designed to achieve their goals. Just as we are committed to helping our clients build a robust online presence, Cialis 80 mg is committed to supporting people to achieve their health goals by enhancing the viability, well-being and sale of this medicine on this website.

How much does web design cost?

The cost to design a website must include the size of your website and the purpose of your website.  A simple landing page is much cheaper to design than a long-form page.  It also depends on how many different styled pages you have.  While there are thematic elements that will carry though your site, a bio page will be much different than a product page.  Designs tend to start around $1000 for an average homepage.

Just need some fixes to your website?  We can do that too!  We work at a standard rate of $125/hr.

What is the starting place for a web design/redesign?

The best place to start for a web design or redesign is to get a feeling for your style.  Peoples’ styles change over the years so the style your website had when you started may be out of date for what is the current trend.

We like to begin the process by asking you for 2 to 4 website examples that have a style you like.  The websites don’t need to be in your niche.  For example if you are a small business that sells shoes, you might find an inspirational site that sells perfume or luggage.  Don’t copy your competitors.  Rise above them with a fresh design that you like.

What is the process for designing a website

Once you have given us some examples of the style of design that you like, our first step is to design the home page.  The home page sets the standard for design and the overall aesthetic throughout the website.  The homepage is a critical starting point as it sets the design of the menu, the header and the footer for every page.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all your images and copy (text) written.  That’s not as important as the overall flow of the page.

Once the homepage design is approved, other interior pages can be designed and flushed out.

Don’t worry.

You will have input for every page throughout the design process.



How long does it take to design a website?

It partly comes down to how complex the site is and how many iterations we go through settling on the perfect look and feel for your home page.

Most homepages start with about 8-10 hours of work to come up with a design based on your initial input.

Additional change to the homepage will naturally extend that time frame.

Once the homepage design is settled, designing the interior pages tends to go quicker.

With good communication and timely input, we usually have a website design solidified within a week or so.

What if I don't have a logo?

We would LOVE to design one for you!

If you choose to go with another designer, that’s totally fine as well.  We will put a placeholder anywhere the logo is showcased on the page and insert it when you have your logo finalized.

What tools do you use to design a website?

Typically, we will do our mockup in Photoshop / Illustrator or a design program called Adobe XD.  On a rare occurrence, we may choose to use Figma as well.

Not to worry though.

If you choose not to do development through us, all of our designs are easily accessible to any web developer.

What if I'm unhappy with the design you created?

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.

Our initial home page design is a starting point, nothing more.  It would be ludicrous to imagine that we could read your mind and deliver the perfect design the first time.

You won’t hurt our feelings if you don’t like it!

Let us work together to get the look and feel of your website dialed in to your aesthetic.

How much does it cost to use stock images?

Stock image prices can range dramatically from ‘free’ to upwards of $100+.

Don’t worry though.

Through some purposeful forethought, we have wonderful stock photography library subscriptions at our disposal to meet any of your stock photo needs at an incredibly discounted cost.

Don’t settle for the same free images that can be found everywhere on the internet.

Let us curate some incredible stock photos to speak to your clients and the design of your website.  Stock photos tend to run about $5 a piece, a price affordable to any client.

What if I don't have all the images for my new website?

No problem!

Few clients are ready to go out of the gate with all of their final images for their website.

To help you, we will use placeholder images, perhaps free image comps, to show you how your site will be laid out.  Once your photos are ready, it is easy to replace them.

What is a color story?

Colors evoke feelings.

Does your product help people who are sad?  Do you serve a younger demographic?

Every generation associates colors with different memories.  Different emotions.

Moreover, different products call for happy colors, or thoughtful colors or serious colors.

Your color story is just as important as your text.  Use the wrong colors and your product may be dismissed as silly or too stodgy.

Let us help you craft the story you want to tell and the colors that do that best.

Unlocking the Potential of Stunning Online Experiences with Web Design Wonders

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